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By guest author Chris Pressland It’s a punishing task to review an MMO, especially an MMO that follows a series with arguably one of the biggest followings in all pop culture, and it adds even more insult to injury when it only launched a few weeks ago. I personally have only achieved the rank of […]

Star Stuff


Carl Sagan says that we are made of star stuff. He states that everything in our Solar System, including Earth and all life on it is made from the same chemical elements of past stars. Stars are made up of hydrogen and helium and a small amount of heavier elements. When a star explodes into […]

What is, 4chan


OK so it wasn’t the question, but the answer

You’ve likely never heard of Chris Poole, or his sometimes used screen name of Moot, but it may be likely you’re aware, in one form or another, of his prodigal creation. If you’ve heard of the LOLCats, or a Rickroll, or “we are anonymous” protests against Scientology, or most recently the “Epic Beard Man” then […]

I was stuck trying to figure out a URL for this blog (yet alone a title) so I solicited some help from a friend and he of course comes up with”there is a sky underground”. So I thought about it and it really can relate to the purpose of this blog. Ever see “Journey to […]

Hello World


So original! I started this blog as a dedication to my love of Science – mostly physics and astronomy; Technology – gadgets, computer programming, social media; and tying it all together with the occasional geeky SciFi post. My default “first post” just related so well to where I am right now in my life – […]