Moot and the Loss of Anonymity on the Internet (or anywhere for that matter)


You’ve likely never heard of Chris Poole, or his sometimes used screen name of Moot, but it may be likely you’re aware, in one form or another, of his prodigal creation. If you’ve heard of the LOLCats, or a Rickroll, or “we are anonymous” protests against Scientology, or most recently the “Epic Beard Man” then you’re familiar with the “Meme Factory” that is 4chan.

4chan is really the bowel of the internet, the armpit of the web, and the “boil on the butt of humanity” (Thank you Steel Magnolias), it is so full of trash, but it’s glorious trash.  I’m not sure I’d admit to starting 4chan, especially Poole who claims to be a “Private Person”.

He is right, though. Anonymity has virtually disappeared from the internet with the requirement of a user identity. In fact, being anonymous in everyday life is virtually impossible. In my home city (as in many cities) we are flooded with security and traffic cameras, and now even police scanners which will scan the license plates of ALL vehicles around the cruiser – regardless of whether or not said vehicles have violated the law. More on that here:

Hell, I went to Epcot Center two weeks ago and had to submit a finger print along with an admission ticket scan. When I asked the reasoning behind this, they told me it was a measure put in place to prevent someone from entering using my ticket in the event I lost it, or tried to sneak someone in. I almost turned around an walked away.


2 Responses to “Moot and the Loss of Anonymity on the Internet (or anywhere for that matter)”

  1. 1 John

    I find it interesting that I can’t anonymously reply to blog post about the loss of anonymity. (Well, I “could” by spoofing the email address but I’ll bet $5 that my IP is being logged with this comment. The comment form still suggests “Name (required).”)

    My biggest problem with anonymity is that it emboldens morons.

    I love the look of your blog by the way, nice and clean!

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