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If you haven’t yet heard, the Large Hadron Collider has successfully caused a Proton collision at near the speed of light. This is BIG news. This will help bridge the gap between the large scale universe view of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and the very small world of Quantum Mechanics. More importantly (perhaps) is the […]

How Apple Lost


I do not like Apple. I am by no means a computer elite, but I do like a good machine. The prime reason I do not like Apple is because of it’s users. Often times, they’re annoying to me. An Apple sticker on your car?! Seriously? I should put a Windows sticker or an Ubuntu […]

Just wanted to throw it out there that my little experiment with foursquare is most likely to end up resulting in GPS proof that I don’t get out enough. Maybe it will act as a narration of the routine of daily life when what you do for a living doesn’t really matter much. I mean, […]

I’ve decided to try the foursquare social media trend. I’m still not exactly sure why. The idea that I could potentially earn badges like a girl scout, and perhaps become the Mayor of Stauff’s, like in a silly RPG, peaks my curiosity and drive to play the game. Hopefully there are levels. It’s funny, but […]

“While you’re stabbing my back, you can kiss my ass too”, “Karma, what comes around goes around”, “Awkward Eye Contact with People in the Cars Next to You”, “I hate when I open my car door and snow falls on the seat”, “I responded to your text in two minutes, stop taking two hours to […]