My Gripe with Facebook


“While you’re stabbing my back, you can kiss my ass too”, “Karma, what comes around goes around”, “Awkward Eye Contact with People in the Cars Next to You”, “I hate when I open my car door and snow falls on the seat”, “I responded to your text in two minutes, stop taking two hours to respond to mine”, “Become a fan if you’ve ever pushed a door that says pull”.

These are all Facebook groups / fan pages. May I ask what the significance is? I visited the above pages to find:

While you’re stabbing my back, you can kiss my ass too

4 of my friends are members of this group. You’re kidding me? Page creator lists in their “about” section something, of course, about Karma, and things coming around.

Karma, what comes around, goes around

Again, 4 friends of mine are in this group. Perhaps I should look to downsize?

Originally I wanted to explore some of these ridiculous pages, but after looking at two, there is absolutely nothing about these groups or pages that is interesting. I can not complete this project!

I guess, the moral of this story? To each his own. Hell, I play FarmVille. But with the Zynga apps and others, one who does not wish to play or have their news feeds littered can hide the app. Too bad I can’t hide annoying, irritating, useless Facebook pages.


3 Responses to “My Gripe with Facebook”

  1. 1 gabbie

    Hopefully I’m not one of the four although it wouldn’t surprise me if I were LOL

    Love the new blog still playing catch up!

  2. 2 Marlene

    Ok Here is what irks me. When I actually do click on some of those silly groups, I get irked when they start spamming my FB page.

    I join some just for the heck of it. When the pages I join because I want to hear something from the group… *Crickets* But something I join for shits and giggles… the spam the SHIT out of my news page. GAH.



  3. 3 Cat

    Personally, I think many of them are funny, and I see several friends who join them. Their personalities are appropriate to what they join, but what really irriatates me are the ‘commercials’ on the right side bar. How I wish I could close those that damn side bar.

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