Four(square) This


I’ve decided to try the foursquare social media trend. I’m still not exactly sure why. The idea that I could potentially earn badges like a girl scout, and perhaps become the Mayor of Stauff’s, like in a silly RPG, peaks my curiosity and drive to play the game. Hopefully there are levels. It’s funny, but when involved in an RPG game and the work and effort it takes to level up is very exciting to me.

I am going into this semi-optimistic of having fun with it – but not getting my hopes up. It seems like it will be too much effort, not enough reward. And, if it’s something where I have to Check In places like when I get to work or any other lame place I may have to go to, then I may say “fuck that”. After all, I’d hate to have to check in as I am buying my ticket to see “Remember Me”.

More to come…

UPDATE: as of 3/22 I have only used it once, and that was to check in to a place where I really wasn’t at, just to see how it worked. I’m not crazy about checking in when I just get to work, or something stupid. So this little game may be a waste of space on the faithful Droid. We’ll see…


One Response to “Four(square) This”

  1. The coll thing about foursquare that hasnt been adopted yet is free perks for mayorship and pop up coupons. In New York if you are near a bar that has a coupon it will blip your phone and alert you where the cheap brew is. Thats a bit advanced so most bars and coffee shops in San Fran have offered free drinks to the mayor and Chicago has recently gotten hip to that too.

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