Foursquare con’t


Just wanted to throw it out there that my little experiment with foursquare is most likely to end up resulting in GPS proof that I don’t get out enough. Maybe it will act as a narration of the routine of daily life when what you do for a living doesn’t really matter much.

I mean, let’s face it… when I check in at work, I check into Nationwide Insurance – not like I’m checking in to NASA or MIT or the or the Smithsonian.

It’ll also show my horrible eating and binge drinking patterns on the weekends.

If nothing less, it may serve as my inspiration to quit my job and get a PhD in Physics.

I do like Foursquare because it’s a game. Earning points, badges, and titles.  I also discovered a similar application today called Gowalla – similar in concept to Foursquare, only this uses more of an RPG approach. As you’re moving about and checking in, there are items in which you “pick up” (the advent of has me uber freaked about quoting things now – unless they’re a direct quote) and location A then “drop off” (yikes) at location B. On the surface, that sounds a little more interesting. But, I’m sticking with Foursquare for now.


2 Responses to “Foursquare con’t”

  1. 1 John

    I’ve been considering checking in to Foursquare in “Azeroth” and/or Northrend but don’t want my family to ask about my online gaming addiction…

  2. That’s awesome

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