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I watched The Fourth Kind tonight, alone, vulnerable, and with my overactive imagination, it was successful in significantly raising my stress level.  I’m ignoring the reviews at Rotten Tomato because they all seem like a bunch of elitist assholes. First off, I really like Milla Jovavich. I think she’s gorgeous, has extremely beautiful facial features, […]

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. This is the act of breathing, an act necessary for life. Humans survive by breathing in oxygen which is carried in our blood and distributed to our organs, allowing our bodies to function;  keeping us going day to day to complete our necessary tasks. Breathing is such a natural instinct that we […]

The lucky recipient is @SeanMalarkey, it read as follows: @SeanMalarkey Shrug it off. It’s only the internet! So, congrats to Mr Malarkey, a  local Social Media expert. Hopefully you’re not offended that I’m celebrating the 666th tweet. If you are, well… so be it. This brings me to share a small tidbit of trivia – […]

Foursquare has proven to be a silly little social network. However, I find that it’s gonna aid me as I drop my winter insulation through my desire to become the mayor of Antrim Park. One thing that creeps me out is that as I’m out and about, I know I have an app that I […]