In Honor of my 666th Tweet


The lucky recipient is @SeanMalarkey, it read as follows:

@SeanMalarkey Shrug it off. It’s only the internet!

So, congrats to Mr Malarkey, a  local Social Media expert. Hopefully you’re not offended that I’m celebrating the 666th tweet. If you are, well… so be it.

This brings me to share a small tidbit of trivia – likely to be useless. My parents unintentionally gave me the mark of the beast when I was born. My first, my middle, and my last names all have 6 letters in them. But, I find it charming. Thanks, Ma! Thanks Pa!


One Response to “In Honor of my 666th Tweet”

  1. 1 cat

    Numerology is an exciting part of life. Numbers are the world’s common shared language, and (i believe) the most number one studied subject across most majors in colleges. Numbers make us who we are, according to the bible and chemistry. My name adds up to the number 9. I love numbers because they make my checkbook, or rather VISA ching, but who am I to complain. Love the blog topic all the same!

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