Kudos (of the fourth kind)


I watched The Fourth Kind tonight, alone, vulnerable, and with my overactive imagination, it was successful in significantly raising my stress level.  I’m ignoring the reviews at Rotten Tomato because they all seem like a bunch of elitist assholes.

First off, I really like Milla Jovavich. I think she’s gorgeous, has extremely beautiful facial features, and she did a great job in this movie.

Set in Nome, Alaska – it really was a perfect setting for a film like this – Alaska is really mysterious to me, it’s so beautiful and rural and almost behind the times, or so it seems.

Without giving too much away about the movie in terms of plot etc… I just need to give kudos to Olatunde Osunsanmi for being effective in chilling me to the bone. 20 minutes into this film I was frozen to my sofa, couldn’t move, and the hairs on my arms persistently standing at attention. I had chills the entire time and my mind, blown. I was definitely sucked in to the movie and intertwined in the terror that the cameras captured.

The film had a purpose, a goal, and it was to frighten and spook. It worked on me. I am not ashamed to say that I completely got lost in the movie, and when it was over still didn’t  move from my seat for several minutes.

The assholes at Rotten Tomato’s can say whatever they wish, I am giving this film a great review and will definitely be purchasing this one.

So now what am I gonna do? Well I’m gonna wait for my anti-anxiety pills kick in so I can relax and get some Z’s.


2 Responses to “Kudos (of the fourth kind)”

  1. 1 Phil T.

    The night I watch this movie, also alone, I had a hard time getting to sleep afterward. So I can agree, wholeheartedly, that this movie accomplishes what it sets out to do, scare you! I would also recommend this movie but, with a caveat; be sure not to read any information about the movie before watching, and watch it alone in the dark.

  2. 2 Pavel Vitally La Salvia De Clemente Del-piero Vitalyevich Komarov Jr

    I ❤ aliens

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