Life After Voyager: really an Endgame?


It’s an easy observation that our favorite characters from Star Trek: Voyager have been noticeably absent from most main stream media / television / movies after the franchise ended in 2001. But these actors are not terrible actors, so they’ve had to have landed some gigs, right? My friends joke that none of them have landed anything, so, on this uneventful Labor Day, as I finish season 3 of Voyager, I decided to look it up for myself. Was it really “Endgame” for their careers?

Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew)

Kate has done a significant amount of voice-over work since Voyager, not surprisingly her voice is both sexual and maternal. She’s currently working on two projects – “The Best and the Brightest” (currently in post production) and currently filming “The Captains”, directed by William Shatner. Not surprising, but Mulgrew has been involved in mostly sci-fi projects, even outside of the Star Trek franchise. For more, see here:

Cmdr Chakotay (Robert Beltran)

After Voyager, Robert did some guest spots on popular shows such as “Medium” and “CSI: Miami”, but more excitingly he had a spot on Howard Stern on Demand – “Richard and JD at Chiller Theater” in 2007 – he always was my favorite, now I like him even more! More recently, he’s been a regular on HBO’s “Big Love”, he’s guest starred on 10 episodes since January 2009 as the character Jerry Flute.

Along with the small screen work he’s done, he’s also been active in stage work at the Latino Theater Company. WTF… he’s Latino?!

More info here:

B’Elanna Tores (Roxann Dawson)

Roxann hasn’t done much in terms of acting since 2004. She had some guest spots on TV shows such as “Without a Trace”, and “Star Trek: Enterprise”. But her career is actually pretty busy behind the scenes. She’s taken up a fairly busy career directing and producing such shows as “Cold Case”, “Crossing Jordan”, “Heroes”, “Caprica”, “The Closer”, “Lost” and even an episode of “The OC”.

For complete details, see her on imdb here:

Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill)

Much like his Voyager counterpart (and Voyager wife), Robert has taken to more of a behind the scenes role since Endgame. His last time in front of the camera was in 2002 in a short movie called “Infested” basically about human eating bugs. Charming. Since then, things have looked a little brighter for his career as he’s directed 36 episodes of “Chuck”, an episode of “V”, and other shows such as “The Nine”, “Desperate Housewives”, and “One Tree Hill”.

It appears, however, that his time behind the camera has not done much for his looks… :/

Neelix (Ethan Phillips)

Ethan has kept himself busy in front of the camera since the Endgame, he’s had guest spots on shows like “8 Simple Rules… for dating my teenage daughter”, “JAG”, a spot on “Arrested Development”, “Criminal Minds”, “True Blood”, and he was in “Bad Santa”… did you know that? He’s got four things in post production, look here for more info

I’d write more here, but he looks oddly like an old hippy in one of my yoga classes, and I was always on the fence about liking Neelix.

The Doctor (Robert Picardo)

After a great run as “The Doctor” on Voyager, Robert stared in 26 episodes of “Stargate: Atlantis”, a few episodes of “Smallville”, an episode of “Chuck” and “Pushing Daisies” here and there, as well as two episodes of “Castle”! He’s got several things now in post production, so I think we’ll be seeing more of him for quite some time.

**He is quite the sexy bitch, isn’t he.

Cmdr Tuvok (Tim Russ)

Let’s start with the 2006 movie “The Oh in Ohio” which was released in Mexico – but being an Ohio native I thought it was important to mention this first. Other ventures include daytime drama on “General Hospital” 2006-2007, “Hannah Montana”, “iCarly”, “Samantha, Who?”, “Secret Life of the American Teenager”, “CSI: Miami”, and he was apparently in “Live Free or Die Hard”. He’s also spent some time behind the camera as Writer / Director of “War of Heaven” and also directed “A Night at the Silent Movie Theater” (which also stars Ethan Phillips).

Full Curriculum Vitae at imdb

Harry Kim (Garrett Wang)

Well, can’t say much for Garrett Wang, his career probably peaked at Voyager. Since Endgame, he’s had a role in “Deja Vu” (which, BTW, was a superb movie). He also worked in “Demon Island”, and episode of a show called “Into the West”, “Star Trek” of Gods and Men”, “Why am I Doing This?”, “Acts of Violence” and “The Ride”. That’s it. My guess is Mr Wang has a day job.

Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan)

Well, we all love Seven of Nine, particularly in full costume. She’s been quite the busy bee as well. Worth mentioning, she appeared as a judge on “Iron Chef America: Morimoto vs Eme, Lobster”. She has also guest starred on several episodes of “The OC”, “Boston Legal”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Psyche”, “Law and Order: SVU”, and also starring as Sonya Blade in “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth” (2010 anticipated).

Kes (Jennifer Lien)

Well, she seems to like the Sci-Fi genre. After Voyager, Jennifer had two roles, one in the series “Men in Black” and another in “Battle Force: Andromeda”. But did you know that she had a role in American History X? Yeah, me either.

So, it seems that the majority of the Voyager crew have gone on to make the most of their talents with budding careers, we just haven’t been looking in the right place! I see a lot of mention of the show “Chuck”, perhaps I should tune in.


13 Responses to “Life After Voyager: really an Endgame?”

  1. 1 synbad

    That’s pretty good. That pic of Tuvok is precious :p

  2. 2 SP

    Kate Mulgrew has actually done (and continues to do) very prestigious theatre projects. She won an Obie (off-Broadway) award for Iphigenia 2.0 and played the Magistrate in the Daniel Radcliffe production of Equus. Her one woman show based on Katherine Hepburn, Tea at Five, played to great acclaim, and she’s currently starring as Cleopatra on the Hartford stage – one of the most renowned theatres in the USA. Hardly an obscure career trajectory!

  3. ‘,; I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information ;’-

  4. 4 Chris

    This is a more up-to-date (2010) photo of Jennifer:


  5. 8 Voyfan

    Love ’em all! Adore them all! I wish them all well in whatever life dishes up for them. My absolute favs are Beltran and Mulgrew – the screen really glowed when those two were butting heads and/or sharing teasing looks, touches, and banter. :sigh: Happy days, happy days. Thanks for the catch-up on what was once my fav show.

  6. 9 Tiffany

    Wow–Tuvok sure looked hot onstage at the VegasCon! :o) I love all these actors, and am always delighted whenever they happen to appear in a tv series, or in a movie I’m watching. In fact, I happened upon this page because I Googled Robert Beltran after I saw him in the tv movie “Manticore” on the Syfy channel tonight, and wanted to see if he was still as adorable as I remembered him… He totally IS!!! :o)

  7. 10 mak

    We are re-watching the whole Voyager series on Netflix right now. Just love revisiting the shows. Hardly remember the episodes and so it’s a continual discovery of their charms. That crew is like extended family — we wish them well.

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  9. Robert Beltran…oh man, he has completely white hair. This is one of the more flattering ones i have seen, of all of them.

    I have been doing some research on my own to see what these folks are up to and it seems to me like for the most, Voyager was the highlight for all of them. They barely appear anywhere. And Biggs and McNeil seem to have mostly disappeared to behind the camera.

    In a way I like that. it keeps those people closely associated to Voyager and this experiences and their adventure rather than seeing them as just a bunch of figureheads promoting different shows. I always find it disillusioning to dig too much into the lives of movie and tv characters because i want to see them in that light and through the lense of the production instead of how they are in real. Sometimes it is because what you find out shows a person so totally different from the character you have begun to get ot know. You find weird shit about them and it just changes the focus. But mainly becasue it really distracts from the show. I remember there was a phase during Friends where the fun was gone because everyone was so obsessed with the ACTORS and their lives.

    Anyway with these what gets me is how old and bloated they all look. Have you seen pics of Jennifer Lien? She must have tripled her weight, you barely recognize her. Beltran looks good in this pics but in most pics at conventions he is just sort of old, and looks kinda homeless and long hair saying fuck and shit all the time. Kate Mulgrew also seems bloated and just tired. She hasnt aged well. None of them have. Seam thing with Wang. What gets me is that these are fine actors. No these are damn good actors. Look at Picardo. He is fucking brilliant. They are all so good and it is shame that they have had as prolific career as some of their counterparts. I know this is a tough business but these people total got what it takes.

  10. 13 Bruce Falk

    It is an old story for TV stars. They get a great run on a series and are never heard from again. Makes absolutely no sense. Don’t be too hard on J. Lien. Life after Voyager had to be a bit depressing for her especially the way she was removed. I agree, they are all more than capable actors, but television is all too often a dead end. Best to save your money while in a series and find a new profession afterward. Depressing.

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