Columbus Science Pub: Science exposure for the rest of us


When I was 18, I began college as an Art major, quickly realizing I was not talented enough and would never be able to make a decent living. Shortly after my third semester I switched to majoring in English when I just got incredibly annoyed with trying to figure out what the author “really meant” by the text that I switched to Psychology. Ah, the lovely social sciences. I rather enjoyed my studies in this field, struggled a bit with the statistics and mathematics of it all, but over all I feel happy with what I’ve learned.


If I’d have known that I had such a passion for physical sciences like I do today (specifically physics and astronomy) I’d have completed a doctorate in astronomy, perhaps even astrophysics. But life is too short for the “what ifs” so I have taken it upon myself to read up and self educate.

Two months ago, I saw an article about a new group that would be meeting up once a month in my city to promote science and science education, specifically targeting non-scientists.

Columbus Science Pub is a part of a the global movement of  the Science Cafe. The purpose of these monthly gatherings are to discuss current scientific issues in a relaxed setting. With ample beer available from the bar upstairs, the Columbus Science Pub is nestled in the cozy and comfortable lower level of Hamptons on King in Columbus OH.

Topics have and will include “Science Denial and the Internet” “Science of Sex” “Beer Science” and other fun and interesting topics.

Started in August 2010 by Dan Siegal-Gaskins, a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Ohio State University’s Mathematical and Bioscience Institute with the intent to spread the word and increase science education and interest in the general public. He’s done a fine job at that, too. Hamptons on King provides us with a cozy environment, waitress, and $1 PBR’s. Who could beat that? Not to mention an environment that is open to discussion, debate, and perhaps some drunken cursing!

So, you’re in Columbus, you like Science… join us! We are every third Tuesday of the month at Hamptons on King. Do you really like us? Help us out! We are looking to spread the word throughout the city and raise money in order to fund more guest speakers from outside the state. We look forward to seeing you at the next event scheduled for November 16, “The Science of Sex, What You Need to Know About how Sex has Changed” hosted by Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH.

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