I’m certain we’re not alone


OK – so I don’t KNOW we’re not alone in this universe… but I’m fairly certain. I find it hard to believe that the size of this universe is only home to one measly planet fostering life.

I’ve never seen an alien. I’ve never seen a UFO, but my logic tells me they must exist. I am typing this and laughing b/c I have never seen God nor Satan… yet I’m fairly certain they DON’T exist… it would just be silly!

Ever see this pic from Jason Rowe of NASA? It’s an image of all 1,235 planets orbiting their respectful star in our galaxy taken by Kepler. I think 54 are in the Goldilocks zone. And this is only a teeny tiny fraction of the stars in our galaxy and not even enough to take up a fraction worth mentioning of the stars in our universe. Check it out here… be sure to click on the full size image to get an idea of scale. http://www.tgdaily.com/space-features/55156-nasa-image-shows-a-thousand-potential-planets

One of my favorite genres of scifi is the alien invasion story. I think partly it’s because I am fascinated by space, and also because I am obsessed with mass destruction of earth and all the life on it (which is why I exaggerate my carbon footprint as much as possible… j/k but really, does it matter? That is still debatable IMO). After watching Battle Los Angeles, or rather, after waking up from Battle Los Angeles (biggest waste of money on Hollywood’s part, EVER), we left the theater discussing the POS we just saw. My friend suggested that if they wanted our water… since they’re so advanced, why not just stick a giant straw into the ocean and suck it all up, what could they possibly want with us? I gave a good hearty LOL and a /nod.

But Hawking warns against initiating first contact. He’s probably right, any species that could reach our planet – meaning they have the technology to travel thousands of light years to reach us – could probably disintegrate us in the blink of an eye – similar to the awesome scenes in the remake of War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise finally got to meet his makers in that film. He probably did the movie for free).

Anyway, whether you believe in aliens or not… the likelihood of life outside our solar system is totally possible, and outside our galaxy is mostly probable. Take a look at this vid below… some VERY cool and very recent home videos of some pretty spiffy UFOs. I actually found this posted on Twitter by our favorite borg Jeri Ryan. Yay!


Yours in delightful scifi and imagination,



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