Osama Bin Laden is Dead. Stop Cheering, Ask Questions.


Bin Laden is a jerk. He’s a murderer, he’s a manipulator of Muslims, he lives with riches while he instructs his followers to die. He’s scary as hell, he cares about no other human being, and I certainly have no interest in running into him or his posse in a dark alley. Well, as of May 1st, 2011 I do not have to worry about running in to him… BECAUSE HE’S DEAD. Have you heard? Only the biggest headline since the 9/11 attacks themselves.

Unfortunately, the war that we have been fighting since the ’90s – the War on Terror – had to come to this. I am not implying that Bin Laden should not have been brought to justice, but I’d like to speak on the conduct of my fellow citizens upon the news of OBL’s death.

Where were you when you heard about OBL being killed? Were you watching Celebrity Apprentice, a baseball game, the news, perhaps? I was watching Ponyo – I then received a call from a friend “Dude Bin Laden is dead”. What?! Honestly I thought he finally kicked it from kidney failure or something.

But I turned on CNN and apart from the big headlines that the US took out Bin Laden – I saw people celebrating and rejoicing in the streets. I saw a crowd in front of the white house cheering “USA USA” and singing. (Doesn’t it seem funny that the whole country is patriotic once again). But I didn’t feel the patriotism… in the short time I was able to stay awake, happiness is not what I felt.

I felt guilty for thinking I should be celebrating the death of a fellow human being. But then I fell asleep.

Today, as I monitored my twitter feed, and Facebook feed, I saw many posts about OBL and how he should have been “chopped up” or have his “head on a stick for all Muslims to see”. Gross. Seriously. How does saying something like that make you ANY better than the sicko’s who dreamed up the idea to crash two planes into buildings?

What do you see here?

So, do you see what I’m saying here? The celebrations and cheering and gross comments make you no better than the man who’s death you are rejoicing. To sit there and say “well them bastards did it first” makes you sound like an ignorant sheep.

As an atheist, what I am going to say probably goes against every stereotype of Mary Eberstadt and other fundamentalists… but OBL was your fellow human being. Act like a good Christian and mourn that it has come to this.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the history of the US relationship with the Taliban – we provided great aid via Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan to the Taliban of Afghanistan during the 70’s and 80’s while they were uprising in a civil war against the Soviet Communists. We gave them aid – money and weapons. They liberated themselves and the Taliban took power (if you’re unfamiliar with how TERRIBLE the Taliban is then you can peep their now shut down site here – although do so at your own risk, I’m sure my IP address has been flagged)… from rebels to rulers. Our prior friends, have turned to enemies… and Bin Laden was the mastermind manipulator.

I have been asking questions about this whole debacle… I am skeptical because of the quick burial, the seemingly staged photos of the POTUS and staff in the Situation Room. Will there be a death certificate? Why is it that Osama Bin Laden – THE most recognizable and feared man in the world – was living in a 3000 square feet compound in a city… ABOVE GROUND… and no one knew he lived there. Really? That fellow who was live tweeting the raid had no idea Bin Laden lived there? Hmm. It is just very odd to me, and I am skeptical. Give me the evidence, please.

On the other  hand – when it comes to the burial strategy I agree with what “was done” in terms of

1. respect to the individual and cultural practices

2. security – if his burial were not handled in the way it was – the radical Muslims would have retaliated possibly worse than they already will.

And they WILL retaliate. The followers of Bin Laden and sleeper cell terrorists will retaliate. I am willing to put money on it. (although, last time I placed a bet it was that Amy Whinehouse would be dead by 2010… she’s still kicking). But I do know the history of this group… I have lived through it all, I have seen how they treat women, how they treat their own people. Osama Bin Laden deserved to be brought to justice.

We thank our troops, and the Navy Seals for their bravery. But question your government. Do not fall victim of what the media tells you, do not fall into one party system vs the next.  After all… these outlets are the ones who mold and twist the facts to their agenda. They LIE to you. You are silly if you think they don’t.

Question it. Be skeptical.  Demand we stop funding Pakistan. Hopefully our government is questioning our relationship with Pakistan.

And do not cheer the death of another human being, you savages.


One Response to “Osama Bin Laden is Dead. Stop Cheering, Ask Questions.”

  1. Dude. Couldn’t agree more! While I feel a strange sense of relief at his death, I am troubled by this sensation. It’s never been in my nature to rejoice in the passing of any human being, no matter how much pain and suffering they inflicted throughout the course of their life.

    I’m somewhat sickened that people can be so glib about this. Not only is it morbid to rejoice in death (and, in my opinion, a tiny exhibition of terrorism in and of itself), but one leader’s passing does not mean the end of AQ’s evil campaigns. If anything, we need to be prepared for a renewed wave of terrorist acts against us — no doubt that AQ will use Bin Laden’s death to fuel their fire and launch more coordinated and fervent revenge attacks on us.

    To me, there is nothing to celebrate here.

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