Don’t get me wrong…


I am glad that Osama bin Laden is dead.

I am not happy about how this country celebrated the death. I can’t dance in the street over something like that.

However – we certainly had the right to do what we did. I do not know how you could argue against it, but, some extremists can and do. It doesn’t matter if he was in Canada, or Pakistan, or fucking Japan.  We did not attack the country.

**post inspired by a facebook debate or potential argument. Why can I never avoid these? Why can I never keep my mouth shut? @CarolynMaul listed me under “Sassies” on her twitter list… I guess I need to live up to my rep. But seriously… it always gets me in trouble**

I am a bit skeptical. I do not enjoy looking at death – but really, can we get a little more proof than verbal statements from the White House? My understanding is that his daughter saw it happen. Yeah, that could be… but with as many lies we’re fed, I still don’t feel comfortable.

Show the pics? No. Don’t spike the football, Obama says. Yeah, I get that logic too. We are not dealing with an average asshole here, and this unique asshole has a rather large following of sheepish assholes who apparently have a pretty strong agenda (uh, ya think?)

But still… how can I believe a government and system with such a great reputation of lying, when they tell me they killed the one and only bad guy that every country, sans a few radical Muslim countries, wants dead?

I’d like to think it’s true. Just like I’d like to think that there really is a heaven. Wouldn’t that just be lovely?

Again, the skeptic abides.

So that’s it for now. I’m about to post a super rad video…


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