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The lucky recipient is @SeanMalarkey, it read as follows: @SeanMalarkey Shrug it off. It’s only the internet! So, congrats to Mr Malarkey, a  local Social Media expert. Hopefully you’re not offended that I’m celebrating the 666th tweet. If you are, well… so be it. This brings me to share a small tidbit of trivia – […]

Foursquare has proven to be a silly little social network. However, I find that it’s gonna aid me as I drop my winter insulation through my desire to become the mayor of Antrim Park. One thing that creeps me out is that as I’m out and about, I know I have an app that I […]

Just wanted to throw it out there that my little experiment with foursquare is most likely to end up resulting in GPS proof that I don’t get out enough. Maybe it will act as a narration of the routine of daily life when what you do for a living doesn’t really matter much. I mean, […]