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I keep promising myself I’m going to go to bed at some point tonight. You know that Heineken commercial with that uber catchy tune? I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks on who this is. Then I just asked Skynet google. Advertisements

Super Rad Video


OK – so two super rad videos of the same song… Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Coming Home)” as done by himself, and remake by Shiny Toy Guns. Can I just say that Shiny Toy Guns version is fantastic… I can close my eyes and really imagine being “Major Tom”. /sigh. I’ll never be in space […]

I am glad that Osama bin Laden is dead. I am not happy about how this country celebrated the death. I can’t dance in the street over something like that. However – we certainly had the right to do what we did. I do not know how you could argue against it, but, some extremists […]

Bin Laden is a jerk. He’s a murderer, he’s a manipulator of Muslims, he lives with riches while he instructs his followers to die. He’s scary as hell, he cares about no other human being, and I certainly have no interest in running into him or his posse in a dark alley. Well, as of […]