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Foursquare has proven to be a silly little social network. However, I find that it’s gonna aid me as I drop my winter insulation through my desire to become the mayor of Antrim Park. One thing that creeps me out is that as I’m out and about, I know I have an app that I […]

“While you’re stabbing my back, you can kiss my ass too”, “Karma, what comes around goes around”, “Awkward Eye Contact with People in the Cars Next to You”, “I hate when I open my car door and snow falls on the seat”, “I responded to your text in two minutes, stop taking two hours to […]

By guest author Chris Pressland It’s a punishing task to review an MMO, especially an MMO that follows a series with arguably one of the biggest followings in all pop culture, and it adds even more insult to injury when it only launched a few weeks ago. I personally have only achieved the rank of […]

You’ve likely never heard of Chris Poole, or his sometimes used screen name of Moot, but it may be likely you’re aware, in one form or another, of his prodigal creation. If you’ve heard of the LOLCats, or a Rickroll, or “we are anonymous” protests against Scientology, or most recently the “Epic Beard Man” then […]